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ORP: The Market for Space Merchant Translators


A wealthy alien has promised you riches beyond your wildest dreams if you can collect five of the items on their shopping list. There's only one issue: the wares of the market are only marked with Orpian symbols! You only know one symbol and must deduce the other players' tidbits of alien symbology to be the first to fulfill your wealthy client's request and profit from the intergalactic bazaar of Orp.

Instead of traditional hidden roles, every player knows the translation of one Orpian symbol. Players take turns asking each-other questions about their symbols or their meaning. They may also additionally ask a second question, swap cards with another player, or draw locked container cards from the deck. Once a player believes they have won, they will declare victory and then secretly check the results. If they have not won, they are eliminated from the game and play continues, so one must be fairly certain of victory before declaring it.

This game is a must-have for lovers of matrix logic puzzles, alien linguistics, trading, and social deduction.

Each game includes 54 cards, a rulebook folio, and a 20-sheet deduction pad. Visit this link to see an image of all the components:

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